Truth be told #8 – Just in case is sure to become the case indeed. Apostle. D

TBT Question: Does the thought “Just in case” often cross your mind?

TBT the words “Just in case” has been used to protect our status quo for years and many of us have not realized how much it’s has literally cost us. Status quo simply means the current state of things. Its contemporary meaning, “the way things are now” or put another way, your current way of life.

The “Just in case” wave really hit our nation in the 90’s, after tons of men, past and present, walked out on their responsibilities and stopped taking authority as the head of their homes which left a slew of hurt and battered women who didn’t even know how to balance a checkbook or pay a bill because they depended on their husbands to do so. Even more, it left vulnerable little boys who grew up to be “misguided men” becoming nothing more than sperms donors to millions of fatherless children.

Woman were left alone to put all the pieces of the puzzle back together. This in turn bread the proverbial independent “90’s woman” who claimed they didn’t need a man or anyone to take care of them or their children because they could do it themselves!

This is by no means the fault of women but it was a strategic design of the enemy to break up the Family priesthood hood and cause the spirit of Ahab “weakness in men” and the spirit of Jezebel “women usurping the man’s authority” to go on a rampage within this world.

Ok women, and Tonya Alston before you curse me out… I am not religiously calling you a fast Jezebel in which most picture as a woman with tons of makeup who sexually seduces men. This is not Jezebel at all. Jezebel’s primary fault was (Witchcraft) which in a nutshell is (Control). She wanted to control her husband so where her husband should have made the decision, he cowardly allowed Jezebel.

Did you know a woman’s desire to control her husband is an actual curse from God, placed on the women after the fall of Adam & Eve?

Genesis 3:16 NLT
Then God said to the woman, “I will sharpen the pain of your pregnancy, and in pain you will give birth. And you will (DESIRE TO CONTROL YOUR HUSBAND) , but he will rule over you.”

Most women knows of, or has experienced their friends, mom, or relative telling them (Girl when you get married you better keep something on the side) … “JUST IN Case.”

I’ve seen some try to keep in contact with old flames, refuse joint bank accounts, and hide rainy day money” all in the name of “Just in case”

This not only applies to women but men as well. For example: Because of my past divorce, I can remember having many ” just in case” moments with my wife Shantel Ragland.

I literally use to keep editable divorce documents on file from my first divorce “Just in case” things don’t work out in this new marriage. I would say to myself “all I have to do is erase her name and type her name in and I could erase any mistake” and at the sign of any “Heavy Fellowship” between us, I would faithfully end it with “If you want to, we can get a divorce.”

The truth is I was trying to do God’s job and protect myself from future hurt, but not realizing I was literally planning my next failure, which all leads to the opening TBT principle:
Just in case… is sure to become the case indeed. (Plan for it long enough and it’s sure to come to pass)… Apostle D

Now thinking back on life I can honestly say 95% of the “just in cases” I planned out of fear became the case in deed.

TBT Question: Are you planning your own failures?


Apostle D – Just a voice crying in the world-er-ness.