Truth be told #7 – Is a good name (reputation) really better than money?

A good or bad name (Reputation) is something that everyone has. You cannot escape nor hide from it. Reputation is something that sums up who we really are behind the pictures that we’ve painted to hide the truth not just from everyone who is watching us, but from ourselves as well.

TBT Fact: You cannot buy a good name; you cannot deny a bad name and you cannot inherit either. In a nutshell, we cannot escape who we really are without allowing God to change us from the inside out.

“Reputation” means “Being held in good or bad opinion, in other words, our reputation is built on who we are and not by a one-time act or mistake, but who we consistently show ourselves to be. This brings me back to the question above: Can a good name really be more profitable than money?
Proverbs 22:1 NLT
Choose a good reputation over great riches; being held in high esteem is better than silver or gold.

I’m sure most can relate to finding the next vehicle you are going to purchase. You walk into the dealership with faith thinking God is about to bless you with this new vehicle. You’ve now seen and test drove the new vehicle you want and everything is going great….. AND NOW COMES…?”THE REPUTATION CHECK” commonly know as a Credit Report.? I don’t know about yall, but I can literally remember praying to God that when they pull my credit ?”Please let someone else’s good credit file come up with my name on it”! Now that would be favor! ? How twisted I really was… Asking God to lie for me.

Well guess what happened? Who I truly was always printed out and I literally went from sitting in a brand new vehicle to being escorted to the back of the buildings and being told” Mr. Ragland you can only choose from any of these 3 cars” now mind you 2 of them have flat tires and all of them needed to be jump started.

TBT translation: Mr. Ragland your name/reputation is not worth the vehicle you want. Your name is only worth this junk that we have in the back. The fact that they all have flat tires and we have to jump start them shows you no one else wants them.

I can remember being angry but having no choice but to accept whatever car and interest rate they gave me and in some cases paying upwards of 30% interest and thousands of dollars on a vehicle that’s not even worth $500.

The money I was paying for a piece of junk could have qualifies me to drive a Mercedes Benz and have money left over if I’d just had a good name. A good name will bring you silver and gold and you will only pay pennies on the dollar borrowed instead of paying thousands on the dollar borrowed.

Remember this a good name allows you to call the shots on your terms.

A bad name assures you someone else will be calling the shots for you, on their terms.

TBT Quote: Mishandle your personal freedoms in life and it won’t be long before someone else will be handling them for you…Apostle D

Question: Isn’t that what happens is prison?


Apostle D – Just a voice crying in the world-er-ness.