Truth be told #11- (PART I) If you are smitten by a man’s giftings, talents or outward appearance (looks), “Beware” you’ve already overlooked his character… Apostle D…

We live in a world full of deceitful packaging that is designed to make us believe we are getting more than what we are really paying for.

TBT Example: Most consumers will not even notice that what use to be called a “Kingsize” pack of M&M’s is now called “Share pack”. Not a big deal right?.. Except the “Share pack” is really what use to be the regular size pack of M&M’s and we are now paying KINGSIZE prices for the regular size M&M’s.

This is a 1080i High definition picture of the world’s deceit with your subconscious consent, without your conscience’s signature. You agree (without the true awareness) that you agreed or simply put, you signed the contract without reading all of the fine print.

Most will never question or notice this, why? Because of the well-designed packaging that tells your subconscious, this package says “Share Pack” so it must have more. TV shows & commercials are full of these subconscious bribes that are designed to convert your consciousness (thoughts) to accept that which is forbidden by God as a normal everyday way of life, which is no big deal because everyone is doing it… After all, it’s on TV.

Adam and Steve have become an acceptable replacement for Adam and Eve. Commercials with women who are 85% naked eating cheeseburgers tell males to fantasize, watch pornography and masturbate. As a result, we have 12-year-old boys fathering children.

Now let’s transfer that into what is supposed to be the answer to it all. “The church”. The truth is most churchgoers we encounter will be like that large bag of potato chips that look like we are about to get a whole lot for $1.99 only to open the bag and it seems someone has already enjoyed 60% of the bag before you got to it. The bag is more empty than full.

How can the church help and it operates on the same principles of the world? Hypocrisy!

Truth be told: Most churches have been Satan’s greatest asset for decades. It’s become one of the safest hiding spots for the enemy. The church has kept us bound by fear by teaching of a fire breathing god who is looking to destroy us the moment we mess up or by preaching feel-good messages that at best keep us bound by stroking our flesh and making us feel a little better about the sins (Demons) we have hiding within us. We look like a million bucks on the outside, all while the enemy is destroying our true purpose.

Why is all this happening? Glad you asked. To be continued….Part II coming soon:


Apostle D – Just a voice crying in the world-er-ness.