As a deliverance ministry, we feel it is important to know where demons hide, their physical manifestations and what can prevent one from receiving their full deliverance.

Area of Demonization include…

  • Emotions – spirits such as Anger, Hatred, Rage, Fear, Bitterness, Rejection, and Hurt.
  • Mind – spirits such as Confusion, Doubt, Mind Control, Fantasy, and Double Mindedness.
  • Speech – spirits such as Lying, Cursing, Criticism, and Gossip.
  • Sexual Character – spirits such as Lust, Adultery, Perversion, Masturbation, and Fornication.
  • Appetite – spirits such as Nicotine, Alcohol, and Gluttony. Any Substance intake addiction.
  • Body – spirits such as Infirmity, Sickness, Pain, and Tiredness.

Demonic Manifestations…

When evil spirits depart you can normally expect some sort of manifestation (visible signs) through the mouth or nose. Listed below are some common manifestations:
1.) Coughing
2.) Drooling
3.) Vomiting
4.) Spitting
5.) Foaming
6.) Crying
7. ) Screaming
8.) Sighing
9.) Roaring
10.) Belching
11.) Yawning
12.) Exhaling
13.) Shaking and trembling (entire body or parts)

Hindrances to deliverance…

2.) Sin
3.) Pride
4. Passivity
5.) Ungodly soul ties
6.) Occultism
7.) Fear
8.) Embarrassment
9.) Lack of Desire
10.) Curses
11.) Lack of Knowledge