TBT#4 (Truth Be Told)
Have you ever wondered if your life would have been different if you’d been born in another family? Maybe you would have been wealthy, had better credit, not been labeled crazy or even had a “real” chance at succeeding in life. Instead, it seems you’ve taken the fate of everyone else in your family – poverty, sickness, addiction, and every other generational curse that comes with your bloodline.

You swore “you would never be like that”, only to blink your eyes and find years have passed and you’ve become just like that which you despised the most.

To understand why, we must look at how God created the world. God created this world with nothing more than spoken words which formed into “laws.” Did you know there is a law for the sun to rise by day and moon by night… Summer, winter, rain, and snow? It’s very simple to stay in harmony with these laws and succeed (be blessed), break the laws and fail (be cursed). Simply put… Some laws bring God’s blessing and some laws bring God’s curses, some laws when broken require a double curse but know that all are from God.
Contrary to popular belief, God is not waiting for you to sin so he can punish you, it’s already a law written and his word (law) will not return to him void.

OK, now that we understand that, this leads me to one (1) of the most important laws. (The First Law) The entire book of Genesis can be summed up like this: Everything has a beginning and everything “must” produces after its own kind. This is known as “The Law of Genesis.” This explains why an alcoholic son became a duplicate copy of his alcoholic father or a mother and daughter were both sexually abused at around the same age.

I can go on and on but here’s the TBT… When most people receive Christ, they have done it out preventive maintenance, “fear of going to hell”, or the need of a quick fix for the problems they can’t seem to find an answer to. Most never receive their new bloodline that Christ gave us all.

When you have truly accepted your new bloodline, you will know that addiction, poverty, lack, abuse, sickness, brokenness, depression, oppression, perversion or fear as my pastor (Apostle Goode) says, “False Evidence Appearing Real”, is not of your new heritage. After all, isn’t that why Christ died, so we can be born again? We walk by Faith and not by Fear (sight).

#Truthbetold….Just a voice crying in the world-er-ness.

Apostle D