September 29, 2019

Healing & Deliverance Q&A Part 1

Healing & Deliverance Q&A Part 1 with Overseers: Apostle De'Ron & Shantel Ragland and Prophet Deon & Amy Ragland on September 29, 2019. Use the times below to skip to specific questions...

36:00 Regarding healing... why do symptoms sometimes still persist even after you've been prayed for? Is it a matter of faith?
53:48 How do you handle situations when you feel demonic forces in the atmosphere.
59:00 For a person with dementia... how could someone in this state of mind be set free spiritually?
1:05:00 Is it okay to set an appointment to get deliverance or is it suppose to happen naturally?
1:12:38 Can demons reside around a person's home? Specifically, if a person says they see & talk to people that aren't there... could they possibly be communicating with demons?