October 13, 2019

Healing & Deliverance Q&A Part 2

Healing & Deliverance Q&A Part 2 with Overseers: Apostle De'Ron and Prophet DeonRagland on October 13, 2019. Use the times below to skip to specific questions...

:33 Where do spiritual husbands come from? What are soul ties?
8:05 How do you know when you're being demonically influenced vs being influenced by the flesh?
17:32 If the enemy can't touch you unless you break God's law... then why do we still go through demonic attacks (persecution, dark dreams etc)... does it mean I've broken one of God's laws?
37:00 If you don't your family history how do you know if you're experiencing ancestral demonic activity? After deliverance, how do you work to keep doors closed from demons re-entering?
45:18 What are some steps for renewing the mind?
51:27 How do you know whether a dream is Godly or from the devil? Also, are all dreams about snakes bad?
1:01:27 How are objects connected to soul ties?