Truth be told #13 – Destined to be a King/Queen but choosing to be a bondservant. Apostle D…

In Roman times, the term bondservant referred to someone who voluntarily served others. Another formal definition is: a person “bound” in service without wages.

In Exodus 21:5-6 NKJV you’ll find instructions on what they were to do for a slave who was free to leave but willfully choosing to be a bondservant.

“But if the servant plainly says, “I love my master”, I will not go out free,’ then his master shall bring him to the judges and his master shall pierce his ear with an awl; and he shall serve him forever”.

Many of us would probably be astonished if we watched a man/women freed from shackles and slavery only to hear them say “I love the one who masters (controls) me and I’m choosing to be their servant for life”.

We’ll here is the ugly truth be told, you and I have done this many of times and I would personally estimate the 90% of those who claim to be a Christian, are still doing it at this very moment.

I’ve never seen so many of God’s people bondservants to food, alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, pornography, sexually perversion, adultery, fornication and to sum it all up LUST which is nothing more than the next best thing to love. Yes…. Lust is nothing more than FALSE love.

Most will try and associate pornography to dirty old men or hormonal young boys, but as the Lord uses me to deliver his people, I’ve noticed that I’m calling pornography addiction and bisexuality out on just as many if not more women.

After ministering to hundreds of men and women, I’ve personally seen that in 100% of all the people that have a “love” or abandonment issue in particularly a father’s love or abandonment, that person had multiple additions and or identity crisis (bisexuality or gay). Those who had been sexually abused would fall into this category as well.

They find themselves promiscuous and bondservants to lust and just like the scripture above they have chosen to love their master so much that they become a bondservant and the proof is their pierced tongues, noses, genitals, lips, etc.

I cannot go in depth about the piercings but please know that they are highly associated with lust and NO it doesn’t mean you are lust-free just because you have not pierced any of these areas.

I’ve personally ministered to many young women in their early 20’s who have been with so many partners, they have literally lost count. In each case, their father had abandoned them and they were looking for a father’s love and approval and even though they hated who they had become, they had convinced themselves that they were at least good at something or that at least someone lusts them. Which feels like love even if it’s only temporary.

I’ve even ministered to a 16-year-old who prostituted herself to feel wanted by someone. Heartbreaking moment!

In my experience… most women who have converted to bisexuality have been extremely hurt by the opposite sex.

TBT if a ninja turtle consoled you after you’ve just been hurt by someone else, you’d be saying you’re in love with Donatello from the Ninja Turtles and you don’t care what anyone says because “he loves and understands me”. You see we should not see gays or bisexuality as a nasty or unbelievable because it’s nothing more than an identity crisis.

The same identity crisis that made me a bondservant to chasing women and money when my true identity was as an Apostle of the Most High.

No matter the case, 100% of all who have an identity crisis have either been abandoned, sexually abused by the same or opposite sex or their parents have participated in what God calls abominable activities in the past, so it’s not as simple as saying I was born this way. It’s more spiritual than you could have ever imagined!

So whether you’re a bondservant to sex or nicotine which “makes” you smoke a cigarette right after you eat or to pornography which “makes” you masturbate while watching it, God sees it all as bondage in which he has already paid the price for your freedom.

King/Queen or Bondservant? The choice seemed pretty clear to me once I stopped to see I was working hard and receiving nothing more than the wages of sin. (Death & Destruction)

TBT Questions: What master(s) have you chosen to bond yourself with?


Apostle D – Just a voice crying in the world-er-ness.