TBT#3 (Truth Be Told) Warning the truth may hurt but it will set you free: All sickness in your body is illegal and comes from the curse of the law.

TBT Let Me Vent Moment?: If another person tells me they believe they are sick “because it’s God’s will” to see them sick or you may have heard it like this “I’m just suffering for the Lord” (NOTHING MORE THAN A TAUGHT BEHAVIOR AND RELIGIOUS STATEMENT) “PLEASE SHUT THE FLESH UP”…. (Kingdom cursing)…. Ok I’m back.

If Galatians 3:13 says: Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, why have we not walked in it?
OK maybe it’s just me…. but if God’s word says we are made in his image, Can you imagine telling your child that it pleases you to see them died of cancer or be sick all the time? Well, neither does our Father who created us. You mean he sent his son to died for me so that my ending results will be early death as well? Then why serve God? Either way it goes we died before our time right?

TBT Knowledge: Sickness comes from generational curses that were passed from our forefathers who did not get it right with God or from your sins and the biggest of all. Wait for it… Here’s the Christian F word: “FORGIVENESS”. I’ve never seen so many people claiming to be Christian that have unforgiveness in their heart towards the one who took advantage of them. Many times its unforgiveness toward their father, mother or both. Unforgiveness is the cause of cancer, arthritis, gallstones, female problems, and many other sicknesses. The hate and bitterness has to go somewhere.

TBT for many of us, instead of receiving God’s word that you are redeemed from all curses, you accepted that “this sickness runs in my family” therefore you signed a lifetime contract with the sickness and if not broken by the power of God, you will pass the foolish thinking and generational sickness contract down to the next generation (Your children). Who will receive Familiar Spirits whose job is to follow and destroy your family? Are you under a curse? Glad you asked:
Here are 9 Common Indicators of a Curse.

1. Chronic financial problems
2. Chronic sickness and disease
3. Female problems
4. Being accident-prone
5. Marital problems
6. Premature deaths
7. Mental illness
8. Mistreatment and abuse by other people (including mental, physical, and sexual abuse, and rejection); receiving no favor and no mercy; and being a victim of cruelty and violence.
9. Wandering, vagabondism, no place to rest or live, constantly moving from house to house, city to city, job to job, relationship to relationship, church to church.