TBT# 14 – Without a negative, there is no such thing as positive… without evil, there is no such thing as good… Without wrong, there is no such thing as right….Apostle D.

After seeing or hearing of news events that seem to always showcase the evil events of this world (thieves, murders, fires, shootings) I would always find myself speaking with God about why he doesn’t just remove Satan and all of the negativity and allow just the positive to be here on the earth and here is the answer:

Life would never exist without both the Negative and Positive. (Good and Evil).

TBT Scripture:
but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.” Genesis 2:17 NKJV

In Genesis “the beginning” this scripture clearly shows the knowledge of evil and good was both present the day man was created but God never wanted us to ever know what evil was. As I pondered this it hit me, everything you are, have and can touch is made up of both a negative and positive or it doesn’t exist or won’t work properly.

TBT: example: Much like electricity, if you just have the positive wire without the negative wire, your lights would not come on when you hit the switch. If you’ve never before seen a light switch outside of the wall, there is a side for the positive wire and a side for the negative wire and as long as they remain separate, you and your home are safe.

Now, the second you take a negative wire and try to combine it with the positive wire, there is an immediate explosion (fireworks).

My next illustration is very true as yes I have tried it myself, but for some of you who are daredevils I leave this disclaimer (Do Not attempt this!!) I have years of experience with electricity and know its rules and limitations and if you get it wrong it can lead to death or serious injury.

Now here’s what’s amazing, If you took a live positive power wire with 120V and held it in your hand, you would not be electrocuted because the positive (power wire) would do you no harm, However, if you are holding the positive and then touch the negative or anything that is of a negative source, the positive current will electrocute you and like the scripture above, “You shall surely die”

If you need more proof that without a negative there is no positive, remove the negative side of a car’s battery and you’ll see that absolutely nothing would work. This goes the same for a one thousand or one million dollar car.

Science has already proven that from plastic to metal, everything that exists on the earth is made up of both positive and negative atoms. The reason why one item is harder or softer than the other is the removal or addition of more atoms.

I said all that to say what God was saying to the first man and women created, the day you combine both negative and positive there will be death. Let us leave every negative/evil desire, past experiences, failures or thoughts behind and focus on what God intended for us to have (Good).


Apostle D – Just a voice crying in the world-er-ness.