Truth be told #9 – Never focus on how shiny the apple is without first checking to see if the tree holding it is corrupt….Apostle D.

Isn’t it amazing how most, if not all of us has played the fool for love, fallen for unbelievable lies, pyramid schemes, and an array of other things too long to list? Afterward most say: “I knew it!” call themselves fools and wonder how they could have ever fallen for such lies.

Proverbs 14:12 says there is a way which seems right to a man and appears straight before him, but at the end of it is the way of death (destruction).

TBT countless people have turned over their life savings, invested in unknown stocks or businesses, call someone a good friend or even said they’ve found their long lost soulmate after only knowing them for a few days. They do this based on the shiny apple that was presented to them and they bite in hard, all without ever qualifying the tree (person) presenting it.

TBT Fact: Did you know the most successful “thieves wear suits? They are able to steal millions. Why? Because the suit is part of their (Shiny Apple) which gives people a sense of trust, that seems to override their discernment that says” something isn’t right here”.

We must learn to qualify every relationship before we involve our emotions, finances and time. This goes for pastors, churches, mates, friends and anyone that you allow access to you, your family, or your resources.

In this day and age we literally have men and women that meet and within a few weeks are pregnant and then ask themselves if he or she will be a good father or mother. We ignore all warning signs and give the most intimate parts of ourselves for temporary pleasure. (The shiny Apple).

TBT Question: “How do I qualify someone”? As Apostle Rondie Goode @ Kingdom Church Intl says: I’m glad you asked.

TBT Answer: There are many ways but here’s 1 simple way: Ask questions. Remember the truth can never change but lies are easily exposed.

TBT Example: I’m am starting to see more and more people asking for money on corners and even at gas stations. My heart goes out to them but for every one person that truly needs my help, there are 10 that are trying to scam me. Should I just say “NO” to everyone?

Missing a chance to bless the poor wasn’t an option for me, so I chose to make those I help qualify their stories. I once had someone come up to me at the gas station and said they ran out of gas and had no money and their car was right down the street. I instantly gave them money for gas without thinking twice only to be pumping gas a few days later and have someone different come up to me with the same exact story. What’s the odds?
This time I immediately said sure I’ll help you but show me where your car is? I want to see the gas tank. The young lady immediately walked off and didn’t bother me anymore. It’s because I made her qualify her story.

On another note: My wife and I was going inside a restaurant and was stopped by a father with his daughter who told us his wife and other children were at a motel and he and his family had no food to eat. I first ignore him and quickly classified him as another schemer who was using his child to get money. As I walked off and got further away I suddenly heard a voice within say what if he’s telling the truth?

I immediately turned around and told him “sir if your story is true we will help you buy groceries”. Give me the name of the motel and the room# where your wife and other children are staying so we can verify your story. Long story short he was telling the truth and I can still remember how the little girl’s eyes lit up with joy as my wife and I walked in with groceries. It was like they had won a million dollars.

Questions: Where would mankind be if Adam and Eve had qualified the serpent’s story before biting the Apple?


Apostle D – Just a voice crying in the world-er-ness.